2012 Statistical Sales Data

The 2012 real estate sales year had several changes from the prior year, both positive and negative. First, and most importantly, residential home sales (92 units) were up about 50% over 2011.  Secondarily, of those residences, 35% were either bank owned or short sales and 52% were sold for less than $200,000.  For comparison, sales data from 2011 shows 41% bank owned and 46% under $200,000.  Here is the spread sheet for the residential sales year 2012 Area Sales and for vacant land 2012 Lots & Land

The Sales Summary Report for the area subsets shows a 63% increase in sales with 30% of sales either bank owned or short sales.  The average price was only about 7% lower than the previous year, the least amount of decline in the last five years.  Local Area Market Sales ’12

The Sold Analysis report shows 2012 sales data broken down by specific areas of Eastern Plumas Country.  2012 Sold Analysis

This report highlights sales by value. Graeagle Stats


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