Meet Tom Smith

Sales Associate, Realtor

Tom and his wife, Nancy, have been in the Graeagle area for eleven years. They relocated from Sonoma via Orange County on a “temporary” assignment which lasted almost twenty-five years. They have two children, seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren in the Orange County area.

Tom retired from Merck Medco pharmaceuticals in 1996 where he was Director of the Western Area and Nancy retired from a career in Interior Design. Tom brings thirty-six years of sales and sales management experience to the real estate market.

Tom and Nancy spent a lot of time at their cabin in the Mammoth Mountain area before making the decision to move to the Mohawk Valley. They have found their little piece of paradise in Graeagle and for the past nine years Tom has been helping others find theirs. You can find Tom in the little red building across from the gas station and Nancy working at her store, the Graeagle Mercantile, most any time.

Tom can be reached on his cell phone almost 24/7  @ 530.613.6114 or by email: