In these difficult and uncertain times, we all try to do our part to keep a positive attitude and extend a hand when we are able.  As a business owner, I am aware of the hardships and struggles in our community on an almost daily basis. That’s why I support the efforts of  E.P.C.A.N. (Eastern Plumas Community Assistance Network).  E.P.C.A.N. has been a tremendous and crucial part of this community by providing food assistance, through good times and bad, to many deserving families – of all sizes, ages and social/economic classes.  Hunger does not always strike during the Holidays…. it is a year round problem.    After all…hunger knows no boundary.

We, at GRAEAGLE ASSOCIATES, Realtors® decided in 2010 to make a commitment to this important cause by pledging to donate $100 to E.P.C.A.N. upon the close of each escrow transaction!  We would like to encourage you to help, in your own community in any (big) or small way you can!

After all…hunger knows no boundary.

To learn more about this organization, please visit their website at:


By:  Leah West