Title & Escrow

Plumas County has a top-notch local title company to work with and assist Buyers and Sellers in their transactions:

Cal-Sierra Title Company is locally owned, having been in business since 1962.  They have offices located in Blairsden, Quincy, Chester and Susanville.

We work with the Blairsden office, whose staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  Contact info is as follows:

Candice B. MacLean, Escrow Officer
Kimber Conner, Escrow Assistant
330 Bonta Street, Ste. 6 (Courier)
P.O. Box 424 (US Mail)
Blairsden, Ca 96103
Ph: (530) 836-0700
Fax: (530) 836-1415
Email:  cstcb@earthlink.net

The standard custom in Plumas County is that the Buyer and Seller share equally (50/50) in the cost of escrow and title fees.

Recording Fees for Deed Paid By: Buyer

Recording Fees for Deeds of Trust Paid By: Buyer
Title Insurance Policy for Buyer Shared: 50%/50%
Escrow Fees Shared: 50%/50%
County Transfer Tax Paid By Seller: $1.10 per $1,000
City Transfer Tax: Not applicable
Private Transfer Fees (if applicable) Paid By: Buyer in most cases

IN ADDITION, there may be other costs related to a purchase to consider:
Property Inspections Paid By:  Buyer

Property Re-inspections Paid By:  Buyer
Natural Hazard Disclosures Paid By:  Seller
Contractually Negotiated Repairs Paid By:  Seller (or both)
Purchase “Credits” Paid By:  Seller
Pro-rations (Taxes, HOA Dues) Paid By: Seller
Property Liens Paid By:  Seller

If the property you are buying or selling is a bank owned foreclosure or a short sale, some of the above noted expenses may vary and are subject to negotiations by all parties.