Eight Notable Notes for Every Seller in 2015

If this is the first time you’ve sold your home – or even if you’re a seasoned seller… the challenges to selling a home TODAY are nothing like the past.  There are lots of ways to sell a house but the reality is that each house, each situation, each agent, each seller, each buyer, each month, and each lender make for a unique set of circumstances that can affect the home sale.  Following are some quick tips on today’s market for sellers.  These tips, however, are appropriate for today not next week, next month or next year…today.   The point is:  things are always changing, evolving.

1)  Never ask your next door neighbor about your home’s value. This is absolutely the first mistake in pricing your home for sale.   Your neighbor has a biased opinion.  They want you to increase the value of their home.   If you don’t sell the home, it has no affect on them.  It does affect youTrust your Realtor® with that opinion of value.  Price your home to sell.

2)  De-clutter.  De-clutter some more.  Next to price, staging is one of the quickest ways you can make money or lose money on your home.  I cannot emphasize that enough.  There is a reason that model homes look the way they do.  The number one tip for staging:  DE-CLUTTER.  Then, walk around each room in the house and de-clutter again! Really.

3)  Curb Appeal will ALWAYS matter.  Often, buyers see a snapshot of the front of your house.  That is your 3- second-first-impression-moment.  Make sure it counts and catches the buyer’s eye.  Move the cars out of the driveway.  Take down the old Christmas lights. (Get rid of the RV).  Paint, wash, plant, clean and beautify as if you were holding a wedding on your front lawn this coming Saturday.

4)  On-Line Marketing.  In today’s fast paced – live, internet world – it’s not enough to have just an MLS presence.  Your property should be marketed through Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Facebook, etc. for the biggest on-line presence that can be generated.  Make sure your Realtor® is taking advantage of all these marketing tools.

5)  Make your home accessible to showings. Answer every phone call request with a smile, and please vacate the property for every showing (take the dog with you!).   Then let it be shown.  It takes on average 100 people to see the home on line, 10 agents to show the home, for one offer to be generated.  You want your home shown as much as possible!

6)  Trust your REALTOR®.  You did not choose this person on a whim or with a Ouji Board!  There is a reason you gave this job to this agent.  Remember that reason and don’t hesitate to remind them of that reason.  Stay in touch with them, share your concerns, and listen to their advice.  They work for you.  I repeat:  They work for you!

7)  Know your Competition.  There is a lot of inventory and buyer’s have access to all of it.  Know what homes are in your price range and area that you’re up against.  What makes your home stand out?  Does your home show better?  Think like a BUYER.  Walk thru your home as if you’re buying it — what did you notice?  Dust on the fan blades?  Scuffed up baseboards?  Yup.  Clean it up and De-clutter— again!

8) Patience and realize “It ain’t over until it’s over”.  Most  buyers will need a lender.  Cash is not always king.  Cash needs to be proven and needs to stay committed to the deal.  Today…  most buyers are “deal” buyers, they are ready to pull their cash and go on to the next deal.  Work with every committed buyer.  A committed buyer is better than no buyer.  The time it takes for a buyer to work out an underwriting glitch may well be worth it.  Don’t be too quick to cancel the contract and look for another buyer.  If the buyer must withdraw their offer, stay positive and work with your Realtor® to find another buyer.  This is the reality of today’s market.