2015 Graeagle Area Sales

The Graeagle real estate market continues to improve. Both the residential and raw land show gains over 2014.

Residential sales were up 20% over 2014. At the same time, the number of days  to sell the residence was down 21% thanks to a very rapidly moving sub $300,000 market. The average home price was $266,400 which was up 4%.

Residential Sold ’15


The number of lots sold was down 15% mostly due to the lack of the 2014 “fire sale” at Gold Mountain. The average days on the market was 435 days and the sell price was $54,806. Both are an improvement over 2014.

Lots Sold

The Market Sales Summary for 2006 through 2015 clearly shows the dip and the more recent recovery.

Local Area Market Sales ’15

First Three Quarters of 2015 Sales for the Graeagle area

The first three quarters of 2015 show the market in Graeagle is moving in a positive direction.

Sales volume is up and the average cost of housing has also increased while the number of days

on the market has decreased.

Year                Units                DOM           Average                   Difference, asking vs sale

2014             66               286          $246,574                 8%

2015             82                211          $271,514                  7%

%chg            20                  26               9                          12

DOM = days on the market

Click here for the actual sales data: 3 Qtrs 2015

Graeagle Area Sales 2014

Thanks to a strong 4th quarter finish the annual sales for residential homes in the greater Graeagle area was only down 12% (sales were down 25% through the first three quarters of 2014). While the “average days on the market” was up 9% the average sale price was also up, slightly over 2%. Short sales and REOs were down almost 50% showing some increased stability in the market place.

The items in bold show those transactions that involved Graeagle Associates, Realtors as representing the buyer, seller or both. Once again the data shows Graeagle Associates is “the market leader” in real estate.

Residential Sold 2014

The Local Area Sales Sales Summary shows the sales results by specific areas over a period of time (from the “good ol’ days” to present). Reviewing the results of the past couple of years does show an upward trend overall in the average price sold.

Local Area Market Sales ’14


Vacant Lot & Acreage sales were up 57% over 2013. The continuing bargain sales of Gold Mountain was the primary contributor. Sales at Gold Mountain were up 330% but with an average price of only $10,600.  The Gold Mtn lot prices caused the average lot price to fall 37% to $25,747 in 2014 from $40,913 in 2013.

Lots Sold ’14


Graeagle Area Sales Thru 3 Qtrs ’14

The Graeagle Area sales continue to be disappointing through the third quarter of 2014. Total sales are off 25% compared to 2013 and the “days on the market” increased by 15% to 286 days. While the average sell price was up 2% ($246,574) the asking price compared to the sale price was off by 3%.

Three Qtrs 2014


2014 Sales First 2 Qtrs Graeagle Area

The first six months sales results show sales declining by 20% (33 vs 41) with an average days on the market of 354 as compared to 250 for 2013.

First 2 Qtrs 2014

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