2013 Graeagle Area Statistical Data

The real estate market is finally rebounding and once again the data shows that Graeagle Associates, Realtors is the market leader. The Graeagle Area Market Sales Summary indicates a significant improvement as compared to the last five years. The number of residences sold was up 20% over 2012 and the average sale price was up 19%. Sellers found some comfort in the fact that the sales price was only 6.5% below the asking price. Meanwhile, bank owned properties and short sales were down 25%.  Local Area Market Sales 

The Graeagle Area Residential Sales report shows all sales for 2013 by closing date.  2013 Sales

Sales of vacant lots and land continues to trail residential sales. However, land sales should increase as the housing inventory decreases. Lots & Land

The Sold Analysis report provides a snapshot of sales activity and pricing by local communities.  Sold Analysis

1st Three Qtrs 2013 Sales in Graeagle Area

The first nine months sales activity for the Graeagle Area shows an 18% increase in the number of units sold over the same period last year. The average “list price” was slightly down from the previous year but the “sell price” is only 5.5% off the “asking price.” Plus, the average days on the market has fallen from 263 to 232. All and all it appears that, in general, sellers are pricing their property to reflect the market conditions and buyers, as a rule, are realizing this. As the interest rates begin to creep up buyers are aware that this may be the last opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Click here for sales details  First 3 Qtrs’13     2013 Lot Sales

2012 Statistical Sales Data

The 2012 real estate sales year had several changes from the prior year, both positive and negative. First, and most importantly, residential home sales (92 units) were up about 50% over 2011.  Secondarily, of those residences, 35% were either bank owned or short sales and 52% were sold for less than $200,000.  For comparison, sales data from 2011 shows 41% bank owned and 46% under $200,000.  Here is the spread sheet for the residential sales year 2012 Area Sales and for vacant land 2012 Lots & Land

The Sales Summary Report for the area subsets shows a 63% increase in sales with 30% of sales either bank owned or short sales.  The average price was only about 7% lower than the previous year, the least amount of decline in the last five years.  Local Area Market Sales ’12

The Sold Analysis report shows 2012 sales data broken down by specific areas of Eastern Plumas Country.  2012 Sold Analysis

This report highlights sales by value. Graeagle Stats

2011 Statistical Data

It was no surprise that the second half of the year represented 62% of the sales due to the winter conditions. The Valley area had 61 residences sold in 2011 compared to 28 & 51 for 2009 and 2010 respectively. The “bank owned” or repossessed properties and “short sales” where the selling price is less than the mortgage amount was up by 4% to 41% of the total sales. Also noteworthy is that 46% of the total were residences that sold for less than $200,000.

2011 Sales of Residential and Lots&Land2011

This report shows sales in Eastern Plumas County by area. It further breaks down the data by single family residence, condo/townhome or lots & land, giving gross listed value vs gross selling price: 2011 Sold Analysis

The following report is a chart comparing a number of neighborhood sales data over a seven year period:  Local Area Market Sales ’11

This report shows the Valley data by price range: Graeagle Stats 2011

VACATION HOMES Emerge as Hot Market!

Vacation communities across the United States are showing big signs of a rebounding real estate market, reporting soaring sales at levels that have not been been seen since the days of the housing boom, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The increase has been driven by deep discounts and cash purchases, analysts say.

“We haven’t felt energy like this in a long time. Buyers sense that they’ve been on the sidelines long enough,” says Ned Monell, a real estate professional with Sotheby’s International Realty in Palm Beach, Fla. Palm Beach posted a nearly 40 percent annual increase and a 54 percent increase in homes under contract.

The following is a sampling of vacation-home communities that saw an increase last year (percentage is the increase in home sales from 2009 to 2010):

▪ Barnstable County, Cape Cod, Mass.: 9 percent

▪ Hilton Head, S.C.: 13.6 percent

▪ Mercer Island, Wash. (waterfront): 181.8 percent

▪ Palm Beach, Fla.: 39.3 percent

National Association of REALTORS® Chief Economist Lawrence Yun attributes the increase to gains in the stock market and an overall improving economy. He says prices in these areas have come down so much that there’s been high demand for these properties among buyers, particularly in areas with stable labor markets.

Source: “Market for Vacation Homes Is On the Rise,” The Wall Street Journal (Jan. 10, 2011)

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